I was in a skeptical mood this day I must say because the only time I ever see legos is when I am pealing them off the bottom of my foot, while screaming enough to wake the dead.  However, my mood quickly turned to me being blow away by what them little boogers can create.  Not to mention, this is an amusement park and who doesn't love amusement parks!  

As we walk into the park and look at the different statues and creations surrounding us.  We found ourselves closely examining each one making sure our eyes are not playing tricks on us.  Sure enough, our eyes were indeed seeing the truth. What we were gazing on was most certainly made from Legos.  How amazing are some of these!

Lego Mini World 

Those are just a few amazing pieces there to view.  However, like I said this is an amusement park, so there are tons of rides and my favorite park is there are rides for all the little ones that as a parent you think wont be able to ride much because they are to small.  There is also a indoor play area for these little kiddos who my be tired of walking around the park.  This spot is a great area to cool off and let the kids play while you rest a minute.

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