Walt Disney World

I could not miss out on sharing my family's adventure to the "happiest place on earth."  Truly a magical place! 
 After reading, talking to people, and researching all I could to make a memorable Disney World Adventure, my husband and I finally rounded up the kiddos and headed to Florida.  With so much to see and do, I wanted to have a good plan of action.
With our youngest children being 4 years old and 1 years old, my husband and I decided to just do Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I was blown away by everything that is Disney.  The Disney parks do not do anything half way.  They go above and beyond for everyone to feel "the magic", even adults.
 I love taking my kids to amusement parks, but Disney is steps above your typical amusement park.  The first thing my family did was meet a few characters as we entered Magic Kingdom.  As we are walking into meet Tinker Bell, the surroundings make it seem as though you are shrinking into the world where Tinker Bell lives.  She was absolutely beautiful; and although it was only for a few minutes, our private time with Tinker Bell was magical.

Before moving on, I have to stop and talk about the main attraction.  The Castle! Who doesn't love Cinderella's Castle! I love it, you love it, we all love it!  Yep, still takes my breath away.
It is really hard for me to make only a few suggestions of what to make sure you see and do because I am going to be honest, my honest opinion is to make time to see everything! Stay that extra day or 2 to give you the time you need to move around the park or parks.  

As all of you know, I have 4 children and their ages are from 1 to 10 years old.  So you can image the time and effort it takes to plan, pack and budget for food and fun.  That is one awesome thing about Disney.  They give you all the options you need and can afford to make your trip as smooth and unforgettable (in a good way) as possible.  My personal recommendations (speaking from complete experience) is to do all your booking, purchasing and planning straight with Disney.  In the long run, trying to cut any corners will only cost you more time, more money, and more headaches then it was ever worth.

It is very important to take advantage of the huge discounts on tickets for extra days to spend at the Disney parks.  With so much to see and do you really do want to give yourself plenty of time to ride each ride, see the parades and watch the shows.  You will not regret spending more days at Disney!  You're more likely to have a harder time wanting to leaving the parks.

One thing I definitely want to mention is Disney Fast Pass.  Get on their website, set up your account and take advantage of your Fast Pass.  Who is the Fast Passes for you say?  You!  Everyone is able to set up fast pass times to enjoy not having to wait in line to ride their favorite ride or see their favorite character.  However, make sure to schedule yours as soon as you are able to or it may be fully booked. 

For my family I brought my double side-by-side stroller and packed the bottom with on-the-go snacks and drinks, not to mention all the necessities such as: first aid kit, diapers, wipes, sun screen, a change of clothes for little ones, and a small battery operated fan. (It's Florida people!) 

My Families Favorites at each park:

                          Ride                           Character                         Attraction/Show
Marissa-    Great Movie Ride                Aurora                           Cinderella's Castle
Payton-     Pirates of the Carribean       Woody                            Indiana Jones Stunt Show
Alyssa-           Peter Pan                       Rapunzel                         Light Show on Cinderella's Castle
Colton-        Toy Story Mania            Mickey Mouse                  Indiana Jones Stunt Show
Easton-         All of them                Scared of all of them            All the ones he didn't sleep through

To watch a slideshow of this adventure Click Here

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  1. I went to Disneyland as a child. There's something magical about Disney. Great post and pictures!