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    Dougherty Orchard

    Dougherty Orchard

    Oh Fall how I have missed you!  Everything looks better, taste better and smells better in the Fall.  An annual trip for my family is to visit the orchard every fall.  I will admit that this momma has been quite busy and have not been able to make it over to this favorite spot of ours, so I thought writing about it and showing our pictures of past memories would help make up for it in my mind.  
     This is not just any orchard either, this orchard has a petting zoo and feeding pond as well. After we are done feeding and petting the deer and the goats we sit down and each of us enjoy our favorite snack, specially made by Dougherty Orchard.  From honey sticks and carmel apples to apple cider donuts, their isn't one single thing to frown about when visiting this family fav of ours.

    A memory I cherish with my children and I hope they can cherish with theirs!


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