Biltmore Estate

 The Biltmore House is the largest privately owned home in America.  Not only is it the most beautiful home of its time, it was also wildly ahead of its time. With indoor pluming, bowling ally, pool, and elevator, the Biltmore, in the 1880s, held more luxuries then general population holds in our year of 2014.

The 250 room house contains 34 bedrooms and 43 bathrooms.  George Vanderbilt purchased 125,000 acres in western North Carolina and started construction on the elaborate home in 1889.  There are parts of the house that were not completed in George's life time.  My advice to really capture the beauty and history of this house would be to take a weekend staying at the on site hotel and take both the architectural tour and the butler tour. 
As if the house wasn't enough to be completely floor you with its beauty and character, there are many wonders to see while walking the grounds.  Take a walk through the gardens, the conservatory, the village and winery.  Also, stroll around the pond and view a beautiful waterfall.  After all that walking your sure to get hungry and though you have many options of dining, my favorite was the Stable Cafe.  On exiting the house you can enter the stables that have been transformed into beautiful shops and an amazing cafe.  

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