Kings Island

Kings Island, a family tradition that started when I was a child.  Every fall we purchase season passes to enjoy Kings Island the following summer.  We go as often as time and expenses will allow.  Although this is probably frowned on and doesn't happen very often, I have been known to let my kids skip a day of school to have a fun filled day with mom at the park.

Our fun begins on the drive to Kings Island where we play our traditional game of "who can see the Eiffel Tower first".  Kings Island's Eiffel Tower is one-third the size of the one in Paris, France. The height makes me a nervous wreck but gives an awesome view of the park!
We typically have our day planned out so that the kids can ride all their favorites.  However, now that my oldest 2 can ride most of the adult rides we have had to switch things up a little; but no matter what the ages are Boo Blasters on Boo Hill has been on our must ride list every year.   I still remember when it was The Enchanted Voyage (a.k.a. The Smurf Ride).

Around lunch time, you can find us at eating pizza at Festhaus where we enjoy the live singing and dancing.  After eating lunch, we ride the Viking Fury and then make our way through Oktoberfest and Coney Mall riding all the rides we can until we get to Rivertown.  By this time we are ready for a snack, and our favorites are filling our Icy souvenir cups and getting Gumbo Fries from Potato Works.  By this time, the kids are hot enough and tired enough to enjoy the train ride to the water park.  The water park is filled with different areas for children to play, swim, and splash.  After the train ride back, we head to the kiddie park to cover any rides they have not ridden or would like to ride again.  At this time, I can usually judge to see if they are going to be able to make it until the fireworks that Kings Island has every night at closing time.

I have so many fond memories of Kings Island as a child, and I hope I am giving my children the same memories. 

Favorite Rides

Payton's Favorite ride:    Scrabbler
Alyssa's Favorite ride:    Dropzone
Colton's Favorite ride:    Linus Beetle Bugs
Easton's Favorite ride:    Boo Blaster's  ( he's a baby)
My Favorite ride:           Shake Rattle N Roll                                  

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