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    BloggyCon13 ~Cedar Point

    I am very late on writing my recap of BloggyCon13, I apologize!

    Now to the good stuff.
    I was very excited to attend BloggyCon13, being a fairly new blogger I welcome everyone’s experiences and knowledge of “all things blog”. I was even more excited to find out it was going to be held at Cedar Point!  What is not to love about Cedar Point and Sandusky, Ohio!  You would really have to try to be bored in Sandusky.  I know everyone heard Jill Bauer talk about there being more to Sandusky than just Cedar Point and she was absolutely right.  If anyone ventured out, Put-in Bay is amazing and can entertain someone going solo as well as a family. 
    The speakers were informative, fun, and very experienced!  One very important lesson I learned from BloggyCon12 and was happy to hear again at BloggyCon13 is, if you want to work with brands, don’t be a complainer!  Now I know that goes against everything that we as women are made up of and has presented a challenge for me at times.  However it has helped me in my everyday life as a mother and not just as a blogger.  No one wants to hear negative reviews and comments constantly and it will hold brands back from wanting to work with me or even be around me.  Not that you can't be honest, but there is a professional way of doing everything.  Although this lesson should have been an obvious one it stuck with me as I am sure it did others.  It's much like the rotten apple theory.  One rotten apple ruins the rest.  So, remove it.  I don't want to be that rotten apple! 

     Cedar Point was very generous in giving 5 free tickets to the park that were good for all 3 days and giving a $25 dollar gift cards to each attendee.  Their hospitality was impressive! 
    My family and I enjoyed running around the park and riding all the rides we could.  Thankfully we were given early entry into the park so my husband and the kids did not have to wait in many lines to experience the different rides.   Although I was to chicken to ride Millennium Force, I did ride and love Gate Keeper and Raptor.  Next year I will definitely have to try Dragster.  
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    1. How fun! I was born in Ohio and grew up going to Cedar Point! Looks like it was a fab conference. Dropping by from the Bloggy Moms hop. :)

    2. Enjoyed reading your blog!
      I'm from bloggy moms, and I also live in Indiana !

      Look forward to reading more :)




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