Cincinnati Children's Museum

I try to do several new activities/fieldtrips with my kids, but there are a few places we like to go back to every year.  One of our annual visits is to The Cincinnati Museum Center. This Museum is packed with fun things for the kids to see and do, as well as adults.  Whether it is walking the streets of Cincinnati in 1860, exploring their 20 minute underground cave, viewing thousands of artifacts, letting your children run wild in "The Woods" or watching a movie in their Omnimax Theatre, there is something for everyone to do.

Considering how costly things can get since I have four kids to pay for, as well as myself and my husband, it is nice that The Museum Center holds free admission days a few times during the summer.
As much as I am a fan of history, I also very much enjoy seeing the beautiful structures that were made before my time.  I am absolutely amazed at the detail that was put into old buildings and homes and that is another one of the reason I like to visit The Museum Center.  The Cincinnati Museum Center made its home in what was once the Cincinnati Union Terminal.  The terminal is a must see in itself, opening in 1933, it was called an "architectural  marvel."

Although me and my family visit the Cincinnati Museum Center at least one time a year, it is always exciting and brings something new to us that we hadn't previously experienced. 

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